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1st January 2010

bottoms and bougainvillea

Before I’d even got to work today, I was totally shattered. The morning routine of dog cuddling, playing, feeding, watering then Charlie care , followed by Tonys cuppa and toast, then shower and getting ready, was quickly followed by having climb up the side wall to grab Jakes bottom and tail before Jake disappeared into the bushes where he was planning to eat next doors cat!

The wall is taller than me – and jake is almost as tall as me when he stands on his back legs, so he uses the tree to shimmy his back legs up while he runs his front legs up the wall till he has a grip on the top, then he hurls himself forward

Luckily for me, this makes a lot of noise and the bushes are prickly, so the silly monster pup got stuck in the bushes; the cat got away and my fingers got shredded trying to pull Jake back.

As I left for work and a day of welcoming holiday makers in Peyia apartments, Jake was nursing hurt paws and bruised ego – and Gussy cat from next door was sitting on the higher wall, giving him the “cat stare”…….

Cannot wait to get home for a sit down and snooze!

Category: Cyprus Villas News