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1st April 2011

Bored. Course you are!

I am seriously at my wits end now. We’ve had our Christmas and New Year break completely messed up by some holidaymakers who are unhappy about the everything, from the weather (its been raining) to the fact the evenings cool down and you cannot sit out in shorts at 10pm (well you can, but put a blanket on your legs)….
Apparently, they are bored!
On an island which has mountains, mysteries, monasteries, mosaics, go-karting, horse riding, ice skating, sailing, cruising, old towns, markets, great sales now on!, beach front tavernas, tiny quaint villages, history and stories oozing from every pore HOW can you be bored?!
Of course, everything is our fault….from putting them into a gorgeous villa to being there every few hours to answer yet more questions!
I could give up – but luckily these guests are in in the minority. 99.9% of our guests are fantastic
and we love them for coming!

Category: Cyprus Villas News