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1st January 2010

Booked up or locked up?!

We’ve had a rare two hours today between arrvials in our lovely holiday villas in Coral Bay and Peyia. Departures were done by 1pm and arrivals started after 3, so I’ve taken the opportunity of curling up in the cloud (yes, really – but still very hot!) and getting tucked into a good book……..

I love reading . Within seconds of beginning to consume the words, I can imagine the characters and start to mumble the lines , taking on the accents these friendly paper folk are given. Its great fun – though not for Tony who tries to nap at every given chance and my mumbling keeps him awake…

Recently, Twosheds introduced me to the jobs of Alistair McCall Smith – and I cannot put the No1 Ladies Detective Agency series down. Currently heartbroken that the two books in the series which I”m missing , haven’t arrived, I’ve had to re-read the ones I’ve just finished. The characters are warm, real, fleshy and very human and the writing is sheer brilliance.

The thing I love most is that the people in these books are very human. The secretary is short -sighted; the owner of the detective agency, rotund. Her husband, quite short and some of his helpers either thick as two short planks or very nosey and interferring. Real life crammed into colourful stories: stories written with a tiny but gentle pinch of salt!

Today, when I’m checking in more of the holidaymakers into various of our villas in Coral Bay, and they comment (as they often do), “You are much older/fatter/blonder than we expected you to be from your emails”.., I’m going to smile sweetly and remind myself that we are all part of lifes rich tapestry and whilst I may be older/fatter/(unnaturally) blonder than I could have been, with help from my detective pal, I know that anything is really possible and I probably am an Alien Mother Ship, put on earth to warm and carry alien babies. That the lumps in my arms and those nestling unattractively behind my thighs, have a purpose – and one day, all will be revealed………. I’m going to let my imagination come back to the forefront!

Am I crazy? Definitely! Am I being serious? Only partially………………have just had a darn good read and escaped into a new world via a book and been reminded that the world can hold many secrets, adventures and mysteries – perhaps we just haven’t found many of them yet.

Off to get therapy! And will definitely have more fun on the way!

Category: Cyprus Villas News