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1st January 2010

blue sofa and bouquets

Its been a wonderful Tuesday here in the Peyia hills – well, I’ve had a great day anyway. Our friends who left here on Sunday,sent “us” the most beautiful bouquet of gerberas, lilies and carnations: all sunshine colours, happily arrayed in gypsophilia. So I’ve spent an hour arranging these into three vases, ably assisted by Charlie cat who has inherited Cloudy cats love of all things floral – or Yorkshire Pudding mix: Cloudy was never choosey and Charlie is showing the same tendancies!

This afternoon, for the first time in months and months, we’ve had a little time off for good behaviour, so Molly and I did one of our favourite things and curled up on the squashy blue settee upstairs and had a good long sleep……We were soon joined by Tony, Tiff, Alfie and Jake, who snored in unison for the last hour of this unofficial siesta!

Our friend, Antony, (the water man), woke us up shouting for his two hunting dogs who’ve both decided its a good day to run around the hillside playing rather than doing as they were told. Jake immediately went to the rescue, standing on his back legs at the poolside and leaning all 5ft, 3inches of him, as tall as he could get to watch the dogs progress. Antony hadn’t met Jake so got a bit of the fright at the “bear” watching him but soon realised that Jake had the benefit of vision from his lookout post, so Antony went off in the direction Jake was watching and found one of his dogs. Jake looked very pleased with himself so has come in to terrorise Charlie rather than continue his good work , helping find dog number two.

The goats are due up the hill anytime now, so Charlie will be out to “assist” in rounding them up whilst Jake has gone now to join Tony who is still snoozing.

Cup of tea then resume positions for an hour before checking on the villas in Coral Bay, me thinks!

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