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27th September 2014

Blue Lagoon Rocks!

Tony and I love taking the boat to Blue Lagoon and take every opportunity we can get, to grab friends and family and ‘hit the waters’  normally finishing the trip with a few drinks and food in Faros Taverna , Latchi.

Yesterday, we decided to do things a little differently and took the food with us. Packing the picnic hamper was great fun, as we filling cool bags and any box we could find with a huge selection of food and drinks. Karen, Wayne, AJ  and Jean joined us, adding their ‘spoils ‘ to ours – and Tony even remembered to pack the portable BBQs!

Mooring as close to the rocky beach as we dared, the boys had to act as ‘sherpas’, carrying the heavy stuff on their heads. Watching them navigate the rocks as the waves hit them, was very funny – especially when AJ suddenly lost his footing and disappeared, stoically keeping his arms in the air as he was carrying the BBQs!

Rocks make interesting tables – and one rock made a great temporary ‘cooking platform’ for the boys. The Cypriot family who were resting on the beach, decided to leave when we started unpacking – though their little dog wanted to stay and enjoy the sausages!

The sun shone, the waves grew higher and the predicted storm began to gather on the water but nothing mattered except enjoying the moments/ the great food and the fantastic company. There really is nothing like drinking bubbles, smelling the food BBQ VERY slowly on the portable , slightly damp BBQ and trying to balance the bowls of food on rough ground. Was more than worth the scary sail back to Gay Wall!

The photos below are the ‘calm before the storm’! Hope you sail our way very soon! For details of how to hire a boat when you choose a villa, email to me on

photo boat latchiphoto boat moored