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18th February 2021

Blooming bathroom!

I’m starting to think that I’ve been cut off from the Universe in general, for too long!

Don’t think I’m alone in this – and I’m so very much luckier than many in that we have two text permissions daily to use  to leave the house for a few genuine reasons, so at least I get out each day. Even going to buy bread and milk have become something of an ”event” and I find myself talking to people who very obviously want me to go away and leave them alone but once the words begin to tumble out, there is no stopping them!

The poor gas heating engineer, who came to service our gas log burner, is on sick leave now apparently. It seems that ”essential” work doesn’t include having to counsel a worried, middle aged woman stuck at home dealing with the world of non event travel at the moment!

Still, Tony and I get out walking each day. We’ve progressed from a slow stroll to power walking a daily 5kms, always on a route where there are at least two accessible public toilets, due to our age and bladders not being what they once were. Using our second daily text permission for exercise is a dream – and we cannot cheat and visit a taverna instead because there aren’t any open!

Whilst I love being at home and really enjoy working from here, the emphasis is on working – and at the moment, there is little to do other than be concerned about when people will be able to take their much needed holidays – or clean the house: the latter being something I’m not actually that fussed about!

I’m talking to Barney or spending time with the hilltop gang of cats. Been weeding a little and reading a lot – and today, caught myself emptying the tooth brushes and toothpaste out of the glass in the bathroom, so that I could put flowers in which I’d just picked from the garden. (Cleaning tip: make something pretty and attractive, so the eye goes to that not the bit which isn’t cleaned, LOL).

All in all, lockdown is making me creatively crazy though it’s a great time to plan and prepare – apparently.

So, today, I’m planning to find other containers into which I can place more cuttings and am prepared to throw away anything which is in the way of my using these containers!

Time for pot of tea number 9 , I think!

Happy Thursday  and keep safe – and floral! x