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5th April 2016

Bloomin’ marvellous!

It surprises me how few people know just how green and pretty the island of Cyprus is. Not only have we rolling and interesting mountains but we also have a huge array of shrubs and flowers, which provide all year round colour and which, surprisingly, manage to survive the seering heat of the Cyprus sun!

Part of our work, is to take care of the gardens in the villas and complexes we look after : we see so many different styles of gardens, some of which the owners want to look like, “A child on a Sunday” ie well manicured and behaved  – and others, my particular favourite, where the shrubs can flow and ‘dance ‘ in the sunshine, enjoying the company of other, often mismatched flowers but all coming together in a  magnificent orchestra of colour!

I’ve just been sitting in our garden on the hill in Peyia – and I just love it so much. Even the doggies, who’ve done their utmost over the years, to dig/destroy and bury bones and souvenirs, haven’t destroyed the beauty of the gardens. They are so peaceful and welcoming to come home to.

I love Cyprus and it’s gardens – though I think you know that by now!

Come and enjoy the landscape for yourselves: email to for holiday villas with pools and pretty gardens!. (Ours is pictured below)

garden walkphoto my afternoon garden