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17th August 2014


I’ve had to smile today at the celebration of the Blessing of Dogs and their owners which is taking place in Bulgaria on the Festival of St Rok. Apparently, the life of this saint was saved by the dog, who brought food to the man whilst the man was suffering from the plague.

Personally, I think EVERY dog should be blessed, worldwide and every day: owners don’t need the blessings: the love of our dogs is blessing enough: from the 6 am sloppy “I want my breakfast ” , kisses which Barney T Rubble covers us in , to Mollys constant loving presence and her ‘offering her tummy’ for a tickle when things get tough, our dogs are our love and blessing as is Charlie cat.

Speaking of Charlie cat, I had to NOT take him to the vet on Friday – I had to take a photo of him coz he had a very poorly eye and needed some medicine but wouldn’t let me put him in his basket. Luckily, Nikolas, our vet, has great humour and loved the ‘virtual cat’ he had to treat! He and I both know Charlie LOVES taking tablets – so he’s on a course of antibiotics now – and Nikolas wants to keep his photo!

Finally, the BEST blessing of these past two weeks, is the birth of Onofrious, first son of Nikolas and Anni – and a very lucky little soul. His parents are two of the kindest, gentlest most caring people in the world – and as they love animals so much, I suspect this little boy will grow up knowing the comfort and joy of sharing a life with the honourable souls of our animal friends.

Photo below is Charlie cat. Come and meet him: email to me on and I’ll tell you which villas are available in September then will bring him to meet you – or a photo of him at least!