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20th November 2016

Blame Nicky D!

It’s Nicky’s fault!

All week, I”ve been wanting to blog about some wonderful things which are happening but Nicky is staying with us and we’ve 10 years of ”catch up” talk to do, plus work, plus dogs to walk, plus hospital visits, plus new friends to make – so it’s been manic!

What to tell you? Well, firstly, it’s Junior Eurovision today in Malta, where Cyprus will be represented by George Michalides (sorry if I’ve misspelt your name!), accompanied by some stunning young dancers, including Georgina Moakler and pals! You MUST try to watch online: these young stars will be ‘names to know” in the future……good luck team Cyprus! (and the hardworking Mums and Dads too!).

We’ve spent a great couple of hours with “”Two Pease in a Pod””, Steve and Jo P., neighbours and great friends of our old ‘gang’ when we lived in Yorkshire. Such lovely people and great to spend (too little), time with you both! Made me a little homesick for UK though! For a nanosecond LOL!

The weather is lovely here! 26 degrees yesterday and stunning again today. Sadly, it’s Nicky’s last day with us so we’ve both cleaning, (yep, she is a great friend), and getting ready for our next friends arriving at home!

Molly Mou and Barney T Rubble have shown their love for Nicky by stealing her socks, wee-ing in them (Molly), then hiding them, (Barney), so all good in paradise.

Anyway,  normality will resume. I’m still happily answering holiday enquiries from the sensible people looking for winter sun -and those clever enough to book early for 2017, so would love to hear from you!

Oh and if anyone has an energy plan” they can share with me, please do. I’m shattered! (photos below are Nicky, Tony and I , in Latchi yesterday). Have a lovely day!