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1st January 2010

Birthdays and very special children

Charlotte Emily Tallulah Bucket had a very special birthday on Friday: well, every birthday under the age of 10 is special – and this one was no different. Her gorgeous Mum , Chez, let Charlotte bring a few of her friends around on Friday night , (13 of them!) and goodness knows what havoc they wreaked! Lottie and I had a quick chat on Friday morning but, when its your birthday, you’ve far better things to do than chat to “old aunties” – even if they are your favourite (along with the others who are probably reading this!). The main birthday party is 24th Feb – and involves horses and ballet dancing: (don’t ask!).

We had another lovely young girl in our lives this week too: Roschni, age 3, came to visit her “Tony uncle and Lynn aunty” when she was in Cyprus at her Mummy and Daddys apartment in Peyia. In truth, she came to see the dogs who she loves (but is allergic to but that doesn’t stop her!) and us getting cuddles was a great by-product of her visit.

The animals are all good where children are concerned, thankfully – though we’re mindful that they are animals and watch them carefully. The children sometimes aren’t quite as good with the dogs: Molly gets dressed in childrens clothes and fussed over a little too much sometimes – and Alfie has had to have jelly beans removed from his ear from one over excited visitor antics! Jake, to date , has escaped any serious effects but he’s probably a little too big to take on! (Not that that stops Jake from getting stuck in himself, you understand!)

Its only 180 sleeps till Tallulah arrives here to stay in a villa in Coral Bay with her Mummy and some friends – and she and I have hatched a “cunning plan” for sleepovers/chocolate and good DVDs here with me, so its all very exciting!

Oh to be young again! Or at least to have the waistline of a young lady!! I reckon birthdays notch up the centimetres too: its one of lifes little jokes!

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