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1st January 2010

Birthdays and bar mix ups

What a weekend! Tonys 50th went off without a hitch – well, if you discount some very dodgy photos of him which were placed on our office window! Tony spent Friday receiving visitors, gifts and cards, which is how it should be. 22 of us then boarded a coach to Kathikas to Arousas Taverna where we enjoyed a (very loud!) meze and some good music.Tired and emotional, 22 of us JUST made is back to the coach for the return journey.

Yesterday was a very quiet day……………

Friday was also our gorgeous friend, Jackies birthday. Course “we”‘ forgot to send a card – but she was gracious enough to say she’d forgotten to send one to Tony too, so all is far in love, war and birthday card despatches! We must send Jackie our love and wishes for the year ahead – and, the imminent trip to France which she and Chris will enjoy!

Tony, or should I say, Lord Thomas Anthony Bell of Lockaber, really seems to have taken being 50 in his stride! The jokes about ageing/failing parts and dwindling wishes ,have just gone over his head – or maybe he cannot hear so well? Either way, he’s happy , so thats great.

The “Lordship” was my present to Tony (or one of them). He was disappointed not to be knighted on Christmas Eve, having given 20years of good service (!) to our marriage on that date – so a Lordship is the next best thing. He also now owns a 10 x 10 metre piece of land in Scotland but I forgoet to get the rights to access it by crossing over others! (Will have to save for a helicopter and just drop him onto the land).

Not sure I like this knee bending and being polite to his lordship which seems to have to go with the territory – but maybe I’ll just get this weekend over with and life can go back to normal.

Actually today is manic: we’ve 6 lots of changovers in some of the villas in Coral Bay plus another 10 lots of great families coming in- so we’ve both got to get moving, done our uniforms and smile! I love July and August Sundays: people who we’ve been emailing to for months, some as far back as last June, all arrive and I get to meet them. Only downside is the amount of flight delays to Paphos airport we’ve been having – but the villas are worth it.

So, best get off to work with birthday boys assistance; send loving birthday wishes to all those lucky people who are also celebrating this weekend and wishes for the year ahead to be sunny and include lots of trips to this wonderful island.

Oh, bar mixups? How long have you got?! I’ll have to do this another day but it involves mixing champagne with white wine accidentally – and it wasn’t pretty!

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