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1st January 2010

Birthday girl and brain waves

So, it was my birthday whilst we were away. I had a lovely day: on arriving at our hotel, I found one dozen red roses waiting on the pillow for me and was MOST upset that I had to leave them with reception the next morning coz we couldn’t take them on the flight we needed to catch!

My morning was spent having a giggle with the police guards at a new airport in Cyprus , who inadvertently put our handluggage through before sending us through immigration, so everything had to be returned and the process restarted.

Tony spoilt me rotten , which was great! One wonderful pressie was a book about balancing the left and right brain and understanding how to “see closer into self” to get more from life! I love it! Tony is starting to think he may have made a mistake coz I’m driving him crazy wanting to discuss the chapters and the interesting elements within them.

I think he bought the book knowing I’d be intrigued but didn’t bank on me reading it as soon as I unwrapped it: its obviously a “keep her quiet whilst I watch football” book! Still, I can read it again (and again!).

When I make total sense of it, I’ll share it with you……….you have been warned!!

(Oh, Charlie now has Tony climbing on the wall and lifting him down. This is because Tony has some meat for Charlie and the cat is NOT going to let Jake or his pals anywhere near it!!).

We checked into a city hotel later in the day. Its been a long time since I’ve been greeted with professional disdain – and the reception staff were adept at it! I was both impressed and totally annoyed. They were very obviously from the school of “guests are of little importance” and really in need of some customer care lessons! Still, the hotel was lovely; the stay, very good fun and the staff continuously awful! Thank god for the welcome we got when we returned to the first hotel, owned by friends of ours who cannot do enough for their guests!

Yep, I learned some great lessons on how not to treat guests and pray only that any of our holiday villa guests never feel that we treat them with anything less than care and respect.

Bellapais Garden Hotel will be my benchmark: if we can achieve the Bellapais warmth, we’ll be flying and the guests will be happy!

In all, a perfect birthday and holiday. Roll on many more – holidays, not birthdays! I think I’ll stop where I am now, thanks very much!

ps Did you know you can now buy facecream with botox effect and viper serum? Yes, really. I went to buy some and realised the sting is in the price – so its been left safely on the shelf and my wrinkles continue to flourish!!