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8th September 2017

Birthday boys!

It would be so very wrong of me not to tell you that Barney T Rubble celebrated his 4th birthday this week!

He’s a huge 4 year old but , thank god, a happy and healthy one – though given to a little mischief and loves a piece of toast!

Celebrating with this ”big” sister, Molly, aged 16, he had a lovely time – especially out on his birthday walks with his people, Aunty Steph and Uncle Paul!

Also celebrating his birthday today, is Samuel, who is 5 and who has started school! All very exciting – especially as Spider-Man is going to ring him tonight! (Don’t ask – my brother in law Paul, has a penchant for lycra, especially in the form of a Spider-man suit which he brought with him to Cyprus! Why? I haven’t a clue!).

Happy birthday to all of those celebrating today~!

Category: Cyprus Villas News