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2nd August 2017

birthday and plans

My wonderful husband, Tony, celebrated his birthday yesterday – and I use the term ”celebrated”, very loosely!

First, he hates birthdays and doesn’t ever want a fuss – but really, I think had I not found a way to smuggle a card and small pressie home via a healthy pair of legs, (as I’m unable to leave the house unless accompanied!), Tony would have been a little disappointed.

As it turned out, his present was disappointing anyway but he’s a man and hard to buy for – but he was made so very happy later in the day, when he received birthday wishes from his beloved daughter, Hayley. That was really all he was wishing for, so great that this happened as hoped for. x

Anyway, the day went from bad to worse: the team , knowing Tony didn’t like fuss, didn’t fuss. In fact, practically ignored the situation completely! Our plans for an evening out, which weren’t ideal as they involved birthday boy as the chauffeur, carer and sober one!, went astray when Tony took a call from the Chairman of a complex where we care for the pool. This man was only here for an hour and wanted Tony there immediately – so he went, as he should – only he got a puncture on the way home so was even more delayed and Plan B fell apart…..

Plan C was fab: fish, chips and curry sauce, curled up on the sofa with the furry gang, watching NCIS! Bliss! Peaceful, tasty and contented evening – well, for me! I cannot help feeling Tony wished he’d had a different sort of day – maybe sailing on the Med with a light and warm breeze behind him. The ”light , warm breezes”, Barney T Rubble was emitting, didn’t quite match up!

Happy days! Note to self Make this up to Tony as soon as am mobile again X

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