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1st January 2010

Birds on a wing and a branch

We took Mary, Evie and Lauren to Paphos Bird Park, near Peyia/Coral Bay yesterday. Tony and I had never been before so it was good fun for all of us. The Bird Park is really lovely – and very big, complete with giraffes! Ponies, zebras, pot bellied pigs (my favourite -though Tony says he prefers his with tomato ketchup!) – and loads of different species of birds: really is worth a visit.

One of the funniest sights, was the peacocks running around from cage to cage, seemingly following our progress around the park. They were very cheeky and appeared in all of the cages, stealing food from the other animals and generally being pests. That said, for the first time ever, I saw a peacock open his magnificent tail and show off his feathers. He was very proudly strutting towards us and shaking his feathers for all the world like he was showing off. Wonderful!

We will definitely recommend this to all of our villa guests in Coral Bay and Peyia!

Today is midway through Marys holiday and we’re having a ball. Two lovely little girls have 3 doting adults waiting on them hand and foot: what a life!!

I think we’ll just chill out today and listening to the girls sing in the pool . They’ve promised to teach me to dance, so I’d better watch them very carefully and practise: they are both VERY good dancers!!

Hope you are having fun wherever you are reading this.

Till tomorrow….

Category: Cyprus Villas News