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13th January 2018

Birds of a feather…

The fun continues down on the , ‘homestead” where one of our favourite family gang are living well and happily here in Coral Bay.

Their decision to live more , ”naturally” and enjoy fresh eggs every morning, so they accepted the birds given to them by their landlord, has gone a little wrong.

One cockerel and 6 hens were duly gifted to our adventures and named by the gorgeous daughter of the house. The hens have pretty girly names, the cockerel, is called, ‘”Dave”.

With not an egg in sight since the arrival of the feathered friends, the morning chorus from 5 of the birds, made the family suspicious. Yep, turns out that Alice is really Alex, Susan is Steve and so on! On the bright side, the cockerel choir is enthusiastic. On the other side, the two lone female birds are a little outnumbered.

Worse, the males are fighting for position and apparently trying to take on the daughter of the people to prove how tough they are! On this, I’ve no worries: this young heroine is NOT one to toy with: she can shake her feathers with the best of them!

If you’d like to spread your wings and come to Coral Bay or Peyia to enjoy a sunshine holiday in a villa with a clean pool, email to me at (It’s no yolk: our villas are VERY tasty!)


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