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28th April 2020

Bird Brain?

Working away on my computer this morning, just off the balcony upstairs, I spotted a little bird, busy in his or her way, flying across the balcony with bread in its beak.

Nothing unusual in this: the house is surrounded by birds and we’ve a few nests in the trees and the eves of the house – but this little cherub was trying to get into the drain on the bottom of the balcony and didn’t seem to understand why the tiny birds weren’t coming out to collect the food!

I realised at this point, that this was Daddy Bird – and he obviously has a little sunstroke or a bird hangover – because his Mrs swopped down , took the bread out of his beak and flew up to the nest, which is ABOVE the balcony, just under the third tile!

There was then a huge , ”telling off’, as hunter gather, looked bewildered, sat down on the plant pot next to the drain hole and put his wing to his head, wondering what he’d done wrong!

The Mrs came back in an instant! After , ”reading the riot act”, she shot off, closely followed by her partner and I can now see them , feeding their offspring, in tandem ,under the tiles!

Was very funny to watch but I wouldn’t like to be the Mr Bird coz his partner was obviously NOT amused!

Happy days on the hillside in Peyia!

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