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14th September 2016

A bin body or bikini body?

I was driving down the hill near our home in Peyia, when I was saddened to see one of these ‘things’, pictured below, standing dying near the green wheelie bin.

It looked for forlorn and lonely – I was ALMOST tempted to stop and offer it a home back with me – until I remembered that we owned it’s ‘cousin’  who was also very lonely due to lack of care and love – and use and commitment!

Like the one we have at home, I could see that this ‘creature’ had been unloved, unused and misunderstood for a very longtime

I could also understand it’s ‘parents’ throwing it out – I mean, WHY don’t they work hard? Do you actually HAVE to use them to see results? Isn’t owning one enough? I mean , I look at mine every day, pat it on the head and dust it… surely it should give something back to me?

Brought to mind a phrase I love: “I used to skinny dip and now I chunky dunk!”

Whatever bikini body you have, bring it to Coral Bay or Peyia and rent a villa with private pool , walking distance to the beaches. Email to for details and availability. We even have excellent gyms nearby if you’d like to keep fit during your stay and the pool isn’t enough!



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