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5th July 2014

Billy’s Law – please help

Yesterday, despite much medical help and love, a homeless dog who had been very cruelly treated by some so called humans here in Cyprus , passed away peacefully in his sleep. Named Billy, by those who found him and battled to help him, his passing is exceptionally sad – but the treatment he received by the humans who hurt him when he came to them for water , food and help, is atrocious .

This beautiful creature has touched the hearts of so many people and now there is a campaign to find justice for Billy – and the thousands of dogs and animals like him, who find themselves homeless, hungry and hurting, through no fault of their own. Called Billy’s Law, there is a page in that name on Facebook – please help by ‘liking’ it and spreading the word. This law is so very much needed here in Cyprus and we all need to help the fight for justice. Thank you

Almost 11 years ago, a little homeless, injured scraggy dog turned up at our home in Peyia. Tiny, weighing just over a kilo, this precious little animal soul has the heart of a lion and has honoured us by sharing her life and love with us since that moment. My little Molly Mou, is love on legs: she rescued me when she found me – and showed me a love I didn’t realise could exist. She is my angel and has patiently and gently, helped her people and animal family, through the ups and downs life brings. She’d been thrown from a car by a human without a heart and left to die – but her precious life continues, happily now , here in our home. Her love will also continue forever in our hearts and those of everyone who knows her.

Billys Law is for Molly (photo below) and all of the animals like her – and for Billy to be remembered by the people who DO care and who understand that every soul is precious. “There for the grace of God’ go all of us – animal or human. Play freely and happily in the heavens Billy. Welcome home x

photo molly mou

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