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14th February 2018

Big Valentine T. Rubble!

Barney T Rubble is in the downstairs bedroom, seemingly in the , ‘huff” and not wanting to be part of the family tonight.

Normally, he is ”everywhere” in the room. We have to step over him; be careful not to tread accidentally on his tail and tickle his tummy when  we are passing by……..but tonight, nothing.

I’ve just been in to see him and was given the, ”cold paw”. I know he didn’t get any Valentines Cards but neither did Molly Mou – though they’ve both had chicken breasts cooked for them tonight – and Barney has eaten them both.

So, it seems he doesn’t love us tonight – but we hope  you love Cyprus and would love to come and visit! If you are considering a villa with clean pool or an apartment in a great location, please email to us on and I’ll welcome your enquiry with open arms!

Barney T Rubble may be grumpy but I’m on top form and ready to help you create a wonderful Cyprus holiday in 2018!  Don’t forget, we’ve got Easter offers too!