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21st October 2018

Big T. Rubble on the hill

It’s a beautiful Autumnal morning here in Peyia. The skies are a little moody but the sun is burning through them with the promise of a very hot day ahead.

Barney and I decided to walk earlier than normal, so we got our shoes on (me), put lippie on (me) and brushed our hair (both), before heading up the hillside into the calm of the rolling landscape.

The walk was lovely and peaceful. The journey back wasn’t though! Normally, walking down the hill is so very much easier than walking up. Barney is very good on the lead, seeming to understand that, at 65 kilos, he is a whole lot of dog for me to handle, so he doesn’t pull.

Today, however, he decided to not only NOT pull but to NOT walk either. So he sat down. Right in the open doorway of our neighbour’s garage, where our very quiet neighbour was busying himself with his chores – and very obviously didn’t want to be disturbed! Not least by a huge hairy brute who was staring very hard at him……

It’s taken me 10 minutes to budge him and I only managed by resorting to my now infamous, ”hosepipe” impression! Barney is scared of water and doesn’t like the hosepipe, or the impression, at all. Our neighbour now thinks I’m the lunatic who lives too close to him for comfort! Anyway, we are home and both going to lie down! (No, Barney and I not the neighbour and I, silly! ).

I’ll be sitting down later today, ready to take 2019 bookings for lovely holiday villas with clean pools and apartments in great locations, so please do drop me a line!

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