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1st January 2010

Big Bad Black Cat…..

Okay, so Big Bad Black Cat isn’t as bad as he seems.He’s been terrorising Charlie cat for a few months , laying in wait on our back garden wall and watching Charlies every move – but I think thats more to do with Charlie and Gussy Cat next door being friends and shutting him out, rather than him being bad….
anyway, Gus is away on hols with his people for 3 months so Big Bad Black Cat is just hanging around our house, being a nuisance and wanting to sleep in Charlies bed, play in Charlies house and eat Charlies food. Actually, I quite like the silly big cat: he’s chatty, cuddly and cute – but he’s a male and playing up to me and Charlie isn’t pleased so am having to be careful that I don’t show him any affection when Charlie is around
Tonight, when I returned from sharing a cuppa with the owners of the beautiful Villa St Killian, in Coral Bay, I found Big Bad Black Cat crying on the wall – and charlie was nowhere to be seen. Till I brought aforementioned cat into the house and Charlie quickly appeared…..
Oh dear!
Its costs me cream, tuna and quick chat to bring Charlie around. His black “mate” was easier: just a quick sneaky bowl of tuna and he’s placated and has left the area……..till tomorrow!

Category: Cyprus Villas News