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1st January 2010

best man and best of times

Its only 7 more sleeps till Bill and Jane, our best man and his gorgeous wife, and Tonys god daughter, Therese arrive here in Cyprus to stay with us. Its been too many years since we all got together and we cannot wait.

There is a BIG problem, however – called Jake!

Jane has a slight allergy to dogs and Jake isn’t slight. So even if Jane can stand Alfie and Molly (well, she’ll love them but may find they make her sneeze!), I don’t know how she’ll be with Jake. Then all I need is for Charlie to bring her a gift of a bird or lizard and we may not see these wonderful people for many more years!

Seriously, we just cannot wait. Time goes too quickly but special times stay close to the heart – and we’ve shared many, many , many lovely times as a foursome.

As I remember it, Jane and I were particularly good at a rendition of South Pacific (all of it), one very drunken night on Stockton High Street………..wonder if we can still remember the words.

Maybe a rework for Jane and a bath time version of “I’m gonna wash that dog right out of my hair”….will work? I suspect more a terribly worded “Bali Hi” is more likely: “Blo**y H*ll! He’s SO big. Not a dog. Not a horse. Who is he, this monster creature – watch his paws, watch his paws………” (Go on: sing it! You know you want to!! Especially you, TwoSheds!)

Very, very happy days………………………

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