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10th February 2011


Some of you may remember that Jake, our monster puppy, was found in horrible conditions outside of a house alongside a main road, approx 3 years ago. Not being able to leave him, we brought him home knowing his was a breed we didn’t know (Akita) and we had no idea how our animal would react.
Three years on, Jake has broken my heart on many occasions: he can be grumpy, throw his considerable weight about and behave very badly which, added to his bulk, causes many problems. Alfie is gentle, calm and accepting. Molly has been loving and loyal but both of them have had the worst of him and we’ve been reconsidering how to look after him and them – and what is best…..
Yesterday, I came across Mooncry Akitas in Larnaca and I feel like a weight has been lifted off us. Not only have these wonderful people offered to help us understand Jake and his ways but they also took the time to ring us immediately after getting our email yesterday and to talk us through what stage Jake may be at.
At last, someone who knows and loves this totally unique breed and can see the joy and blessings in it. Jake potentially has “family” on the island but definitely has people who will help us, his people, to be the best for him….
I’ve been telling Jake today, that he belongs to a special group of dogs and we’ll meet some of them with him and see if we cannot be better parents to him whilst we teach him to be a better brother to our beautiful dogs – and monster cat Charlie.
Jake belongs here with us, however hard it can be but its great to know he also belongs to a magnificent breed of animals who, understood, are known to be the most loyal and loving dogs around.
That said, Jake is the only one, apparently, who the experts have heard of who drinks GnT!!
Will keep you posted on how Jake and we, get on!

Category: Cyprus Villas News