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16th May 2018

Being the customer!

Tony and I have had the most wonderful weekend away in Prague, with great friends, Karen and Wayne, celebrating 30 years of marriage (us) and a birthday , (Wayne).

Not that being in the stunning, captivating city of Prague was enough  – we also got to see Andrea Bocelli perform at the O2 arena in Prague. I am honestly overwhelmed and still cannot believe what we’ve seen/experienced and listened to. We were truly in the most magical of cities listening to the voice of an Angel………I will never forget the experience.

For a change, we became the customers and , as always happens, I learned so much and remembered what it’s all about: people. The hotel we stayed in was in a great location and relatively clean but the staff were tired, unfriendly and really gave the , ”minimalistic” approach to customer care. Not that it mattered to us: we had a ball but I was sad to think that so many people , like us, had saved and saved to be there and were met with a mediocre welcome and experience.

This holiday business is a people thing  – and people matter. It’s no good making someone feel as if they are ”in the way” or a nuisance for asking for things which should be there: the people PAY our wages and we need to work so very hard to show respect for that.

Mind you, I made a fundamental error and asked for toilet roll only for the housekeeper to arrive and open the cupboard in the bathroom to reveal more rolls….. my bad! Though it taught me how easy it is not to ”see”, when you are in , ”off duty ” mode and not concentrating.

In all, a tremendous weekend – and one which has made me even more grateful to do the work I do with the team around me. Thank you SO much to all of the people who entrust their holidays to us. I promise we’ll keep trying harder!

Great news: we’ve got La Strata stone villa back for holiday rentals AND some availability in the lovely 4 ensuite bedroomed Villa Iremia for this summer! To book or enquire, email to I promise your email and enquiry matter SO much to me!