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18th July 2016

Being ‘seen’.

We’ve lived here almost 15 years during which we’ve met so many lovely people. Holiday villa guests who rent from us year in, year out – sometimes more than one a year and customers whose villas , pools and gardens we look after and have done for many years.

There is something very satisfying on a deep human level about working hard for people who you get to know on a business level but whose lives and families, evolve in the same way ours do. We’ve watched wonderful people come and go, with their children growing with every holiday until the holiday is purely for the parents and the children are off to do their own thing.

Sadly, we’ve seen illness and death after some of the best people we’ve known and watched first hand as the loved one bravely rebuild their lives and still return to ‘their paradise’, safe in the knowledge that, although we are the suppliers, we also care very much how they are feeling and what we can do to make them feel better.

I tell the team that we are ‘in the shadows’: there is the guests or owners need anything but not there, ‘in their faces’. It’s a good feeling to be ‘around’ and to help out where we can, even on the ‘outskirts’ of their lives.

Today, a lady for whom we’ve worked for over 3 years, came into the office to settle an invoice. She is in her 70s and is a very proud and beautiful lady. Once , she told me her story about how she met her husband and how much she loved him/what a great life they’d shared together. Sadly, he had died a few years earlier but for the duration of her ‘story’ as she told it to me, she was the young, vibrant girl she’d been when they met and it was a joy to see.

Today, she was a little tired, having just recovered from surgery but she looked so beautiful and so loved. I wished I knew her well enough to say that to her as she was very low but I prayed she’d ‘feel’ the love around her, on some level, as she went about her day. It’s a shame that we humans cannot simply, ‘hand out a hug’ where it’s needed – but I suspect we’d get locked up from time to time!

We all need to be ‘seen’: fully and completely. It’s not much to ask but it’s vital to our soul. I try to keep a ‘lookout ‘ for those I love and care for – they think I’m crazy but I remember how much it means to me on the odd occasion I know I’ve really been ‘recognised’: not physically but from a much deeper level – and we all need that..

All of the above said, please don’t think I’m weird (!). When you choose to rent a villa with pool from us, in Coral Bay or Peyia, I’ll not dole out hugs or ask for stories, unless you really want to share with me – but I’m happy to listen to what you really want from a holiday then try to help match you to the right place! Email to me on

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