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2nd August 2014

Being promoted

With the dawn of a new month just behind us, Tony has enjoyed another birthday and seems to be in better health, thank god! The holiday villas are teaming with some interesting and lovely rental guests – though we’ve still got some excellent offers for the month if you’re tempted to get a last minute break!

August is a fun and happy month here in Cyprus. The Cypriots begin their annual 14 days break soon, parties start happening on beaches and in the centre of villages and the air is filled  with music and laughter. Great fun!

Course it means that we are ‘extra busy’ so while we as a team, keep an eye on villas/pools/gardens and guests, Tony and I need to be sure all is well at home with our furry family – so today, we’ve made a decision and have ‘promoted’ Barney T Rubble to being  ‘in big charge’ of the downstairs of our house. Molly very kindly took on Alfies mantle when he passed away and she’s been ‘in big charge’ of everything but she’s getting a little older and Barney needs to know that we trust him, so he’ been promoted today and seems very happy about it too!

He’s made some demands: the collar he’s been wearing, which his late big brother, Alfie, donated to him, is now too small. Alfie was a finely built, strong German Shepherd/Collie cross and not small by any stretch of the imagination. Barney, at 10 months, has now outgrown this collar so today, to celebrate him getting his ‘stripes’. he’s getting his VERY OWN collar – and a new toy too!

We’ve had to have a family meeting this morning to get everyones agreement. Molly is chilled out about things as she knows she has Barney, under her paw and Charlie Cat? Well , in the dismissive manner only a feline can have, he’s just not interested one way or another as long as Barney doesn’t have to share Charlies ensuite twin bedroom!

So, we’re all happy and growing up and older, as it should be!

If you’d like to come and shake Barneys paw, please email to me on and I”ll be pleased to make the introductions. If he’s not too busy or too important, of course!