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1st January 2010

Being alive……

I had a lovely morning yesterday, sharing coffee with my friend Lesley at the Coral Beach Hotel. The location is so very beautiful: we sat on gorgeous squishy settees, watching the sea and admiring the pretty shrubs and flowers in the garden. It was great!

More beautiful though, was the light which shone out of Lesleys very being. She’s been so very ill these past two years and now, thank god, is back on the track to much better health and slowly getting her quality of life back.

Lesley is an incredible lady; not just because she’s fighting this illness with such dignity and grace but because she represents everything we should all aim to be: positive, loving being “in the moment”, huge heart and great fun, she is wonderful to be around.

Even living in this paradise and dealing with people enjoying happy holidays in the great villas in Coral Bay and Peyia, I will admit to having moments of grumpiness and feeling down. Yesterday, I gave myself a huge kick up the butt and remembered that every moment counts and that we are so very lucky to be sharing this journey together.

Thank you Lesely. For inspiration and for helping me find my Mojo! xx

Category: Cyprus Villas News