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1st October 2011

Being 4!

Jordi, aged 4 and three quarters, was “in charge” of Tony, the dogs, Charlie cat and I yesterday. We had a wonderful time with him, starting with his opening line of , “Hello, I like this car and I’ve got nits………..”

We went to Paphos Harbour to see the pirate ship, the two police boats, the broken boat and the man who is always there catching the biggest fish in the world (according to Jordi). Then we pretended to be policemen and arrested everyone who walked past- which annoyed a few and amused others.

Alcoholic drinks in hand, especially for Jordi (not), we then planned the next part of the day – namely a long dog walk to tire out Jordi and allow us to put our feet up……..Dog walk was great, Tony fell asleep and Jordi found more energy than ever, so “helped” me make Yorkshire puddings for his parents – who arrived far too early to collect him…..

I think the guests staying in villas in Coral Bay , would have heard Jordi shouting from our villa in Peyia: he did NOT want to go home coz Tony and I “play good”…..aaaaaah

Next weekend? Sorry, no – we would love to be cared for again by this little energy bundle but we are VERY busy with , erm, stuff…………..

Category: Cyprus Villas News