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28th June 2016

bedhead and dishevelled

Emma and I were called out late last night, around midnight, to help a family in one of the villas who had had an ‘incident’ and were in need of TLC.

As we each take guest care very seriously, we rushed to the office where we met then drove together to the villa. Both had been sleeping when the call came so each of us had had to struggle in the dark, half asleep , to get dressed to get to the guests to try to help them.

Once there, when we’d ensured the guests were okay, made them coffee etc, we looked at each other and burst out laughing: Emma’s normal tidy and neat bun, which she wears on the top of her head, was escaping and trying to get back into sleep mode. I had my clothes on inside out – and had been to the police station on the way to the villa, in this state.

To add this sight, we both got on our hands and knees to scrub the floor of the bedroom of the villa too – so we looked amazing for 2am!

The guests were great and thought we were hilarious. Today, they wouldn’t have recognised either of us – except about now when we are both falling asleep at our desks due to the late night!

Still, care of the holiday makers is first, last and in the middle of all we do – come and see for yourself. Book a villa with private pool, in Coral Bay or Peyia and we’ll be thrilled to spruce up and meet you!

(The photo below is of , The Whirling Rainbow, which is meant to suggest warriors and angels of peace, are heading down to help us. Seemed appropriate somehow!).


Photo The Whirling Rainbow