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20th March 2014

Bed, Ted n Duck…

Today is the day Barney T Rubble has been ‘taken’ from me by Lindsay, the dog trainer…………and I’m very sad. This morning, I packed Barneys case: change of collar, bed, Ted, duck , chew and book………plus his special food. Linz laughed at me and said she’d just leave his things in the car and let him ‘get on with it’……..

Barney is very stubborn and, at 6 months old, he’s at the ‘dangerous age’ where he could switch between being ‘funny naughty ‘ and ‘naughty naughty’, so we’ve got to reign in his tendency to ‘do things his way’ and try to teach him to behave – which is where Linz comes in

That’s all well and good but this training course is residential: 7 whole days and nights without the big fella and its not good. Molly and Charlie Cat are delighted, of course. I’ve just been home to check on them and Charlie is lying on Barneys ‘spot’ in the sunshine , because he can – and Molly is sleeping in her favourite spot too, safe in the knowledge her great big furry brother wont’ be along any time now to wake her up to play.

I’m just sad that Barney wont be waking me up at 6am tomorrow morning, telling me he wants his food. But I hope he does wake Linz up VERY early! Then she might bring him home early!

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