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1st January 2010

Bed head

At around 5am yesterday morning, Tony and I were peacefully sleeping the night away when we were woken by a shuffling and crying under our bed.

At Tonys side of the bed, was Jakes head and front paws. At my side of the bed, were Jakes back legs and tail – but the stupid big dog had flattened himself down to keep cool, under the bed – and couldn’t get up!

So we got up, tried to lift the bed between us but Jake stood up, banged the bottom of the bed, which was now free of mattress, broke the end of the bed off and stood up with the sheet around him. He tried to run away from the sheet, tripped tony up, who fell over holding the mattress- and I nearly had an accident watching the whole thing!

Getting Jake safely out of the room, we began to put the bed back together -which took nearly an hour, by which time we had to get up anyway …..

Jake came back into the room, climbed ONTO the bed and went to sleep…..

It really is a dogs life!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News