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9th August 2012

Because he mattered………….

Tony and I have been overwhelmed today with the love, wishes and emails to us about Jake. You had to meet this Monster Pup to know how special he was. A 76 kilo bundle of mischief on a good day, taking ‘hostage’ anything he knew he shouldnt – and a huge big problem on a bad day when he didn’t want to do anything he should and we had a battle of wills……..
Jake has tried to eat my mobile phone, all of our kitchen utensils, succeeded in ‘seeing off’ many pillows, teddy bears and the odd quilt – and Waynes new iphone, wallet and a stack of cash. Chewing Bill and Janes passports and tickets was another classic, as was running off with the cool bag full of water and holding the decorator hostage, having stolen his lunch………

He loved tomato soup, tea with one sugar and gin n tonic on The Thinking Step. He also loved Karen, Twosheds and The Duchess of Cambridge. No magazine bearing her photo was safe in this house: he could find them, hold them and love them in his slobbery doggy way.
He also loved Alfie and yesterday, just before the vet arrived, jake got up from the floor, walked around the house and then up to Alfie, giving him a huge big kiss before going back to his blanket and succombing to the many sedatives he’d had to help him…..
I believe in my heart he knew we were trying to help him and to love him in the best way we could. I also believe that, from the day we found him tied up in 45 degree plus heat, without water or room to stand, he knew he was loved, safe and welcome. He was happy. He was special and he was unique…

In heaven, I pray he is singing with the angels and learning to love birds (which he was terrified of). I pray he’s with our other beloved animals and makes many new friends and that his spirit soars and is free of all pain …..

We are so very grateful for the time we’ve shared with him – and for the many people who’ve shown today just how much he also meant to them . The love we’ve been given today has been so precious.

Life goes on but will never quite be the same. There is a huge Jake size hole in our world which will never be filled but its him and we love him, so thats how it is.

With love to anyone who has lost a pet. …..x

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