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11th December 2018

Beautiful Peyia!

I’ve been reading about the history of our lovely village and loved a couple of the stories I’ve uncovered..

One example is that, due to influences over the centuries, the Greek Cypriot dialect in the regions of Kathikas, Akoursas and Kissonerga, is very ”sing-song” and like Italian, in the way, it is delivered!

Another is that the local, quite famous spring, (or Vrisi) in the Municipal Gardens was where the women of the village had to collect water, many years ago= and was said to make the local girls beautiful. The young men used to gather in the gardens to watch the young girls as they went about their work of getting water. So famous was this spring, that songs were written about it – one of which is still sung today and is, in fact, the ”on hold” music of PeyiaMunicipality.

Like many countries, a person’s surname was the name of their profession and passed down through the generations. Families shared the stories of their ancestors, embellished over the years: a great favourite told to me by a local friend, was of his great-grandfather who was angry that a man from a rival village to Peyia,, came to the village on his donkey and ”impregnated”, (how very dare he!) one of the most beautiful local Peyia girls. So, this man’s great-grandfather went back on HIS donkey and ”impregnated” TWO local beauties in the village – at once!

Peyia is a colourful, warm and welcoming village: come and see for yourselves! – for villas with clean pools and apartments in great locations – and many stories to tell!

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