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16th April 2014

Bathtime with Barney T Rubble

barney-April-2014-150x150[1]Tony is away for a few days, training even more people to clean swimming pools properly , in accordance with the EU regulation. Its great having so many people trained to NSPF CPO standards (National Swimming Pool Foundation) Certified Pool Operator standard – so each of our holiday rental villas, have CLEAN and sparkling pools. So much more healthy for the guests to swim in than pools that may look clear but aren’t actually clean.

I digress: because Tony is away, I had the huge luxury of running a long, hot bubble bath, getting a glass of wine and preparing to chill out -but Barney T Rubble had other ideas. His ‘job’ as he sees it, is to ‘look after me’ which he’s translated as ‘never let me out of his sight’.

So Barney tried to climb into the bath with me; stood with his paws hanging over the side and tried to lick all of the bubbles off the bath! My peace was ruined. Then he had the cheek to try to lick all of the body lotion off my arms too when I was getting dried!

I’ll have to lock him out of the room but that means leaving him to his own devices – which is equally scary!