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19th January 2014

Bathtime with Barney T Rubble – the rules…

If you are thinking of having a bath and Barney T Rubble, monster pup is in the house, the first rule is, don’t have a bath.

Or lock the bathroom door after making sure you have taken Barneys ‘tool kit’ off him.

If however, you manage to slip quietly into the peace of a bubble bath and he ‘pops’ into the bathroom:

  1. Grab all dry towels immediately and lift them above your head
  2. Do NOT lie down in the water. He will put his paws on your face to try to step into the bath.
  3. Hot water doesn’t phase him: splashing or soaping him, just makes him enjoy the torment he is giving you, even more.
  4. Don’t sing: he howls along with you.
  5. Don’t take a glass of wine or GnT: he enjoys both and has a way of distracting you while he reaches for them
  6. Do make sure there is no toilet paper on the roll. His ‘cute labrador’ impression will be legendary…….

In fact, just don’t.

Im thinking of getting him a job in a beauty parlour as ‘Spa-ney T Rubble’……..such is his love of bubbles, shampoo and hot water. No wonder I dream of drinking!

Category: Cyprus Villas News