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27th October 2017

Barney’s toast.

There are few things sacred in this life but when it comes to eating a piece of toast in our home, there is no chance whatsoever of having the opportunity to enjoy a buttered slice of lovely bread, in peace.

I swear Barney T Rubble can hear a toaster ‘pop’ for 1000 meters away! If he’s out for a walk on the hill with one of us and the other is making a ”sneaky breakfast”, this big furry toast monster, turns tail and heads back to the house – where he slobbers at the feet of whomever is eating until he gets his unfair share of the spoils.

Ive just popped home to see how the furries are – and to steal the crust off a new loaf I bought, putting it in the toaster to enjoy covered in butter – (the toast, not me!) – and down from the balcony, came Barney!

The crust went to a good home. In his tummy not mine.

Well, at least we know what to buy him for Christmas: his very own toaster which we’ll teach him to use!

If you fancy a breakfast in peace and a piece of toast in the sunshine on the patio of your very own holiday villa, email to me for tasty offers to . Once they see what you’ve booked, I bet your friends will want a ”slice” too!

Category: Cyprus Villas News