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28th November 2014

Barneys new best friend

Barney T Rubble was very unsettled last night and came up to me , while I was in bed, four times, nudging me and grumbling at me. He is normally so good, he only ‘bothers’ Tony or I when its breakfast time so I was a little concerned he was unwell.

I listened for a while and could hear him running up and down the stairs, then throwing his toys around the lounge so just thought he was playing – which he was but having got up after the 4th nudge to see what was the matter, I discovered he was playing with a very large and very sweet carob rat, who’d wandered into the lounge!

Poor thing was being given the ‘barney treatment’. This big silly pup was jumping and grumping, offering his toys to the little creature and rolling up the rugs in play. I suspect the carob rat was terrified and was impressed that he simply ‘stood his ground’.

Grabbing Barney, I managed to ‘shoo’ the little thing outside – then Barney spent the night on the back step waiting for his friends return. First, Andy T left him , now we’ve taken his new furry friend off him. Its a hard life!

If you’d like to be one of Barneys ‘playthings’, email to me on and I’ll tell you which lovely holiday villas you can stay in while you spend time with Barney T and his growing entourage!

Photo below was taken by Andy T (who shall be known as Play Chum) and shows Barney chilling out in his ‘swimmers’ pose.Barney swimming pose