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1st May 2014

Barneys book

Barney T Rubble has been ‘reading’ again, this time consuming one of my favourite self help books which Susie F thinks are silly – and she is probably right!
Anyway, Barney has translated ‘self help’ for ‘help yourself’ and did….

I’m not sure how he reads coz he eats the pages so quickly but perhaps he’s rearranging the chapters and we can gather them back up from the garden. His logic on order may make more sense that that of the book, which I struggled with and Barney seems to have done in one sitting!

Molly is sitting next to me , calmly, at the computer, watching her ‘little’ brother with a look on her face which says it all: puppies? who’d have them?

Am going to use Barney on checkins for the happy holiday guests arriving to our rental villas and apartments in Coral Bay. He can choose one of THEIR books to consume instead of one of mine, tee hee!

Category: Cyprus Villas News