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6th July 2014

Barneys Ballustrades

Of all the things I expected to say to Tony this morning, when we woke up to a beautiful Cyprus summer morning, it certainly wasn’t , “Help! Barney has his head stuck in the ballustrades”. But he had; well and truly – and from the mess he’d made around him, he’d been there quite a while, the poor big beast.

I cannot understand why he didn’t shout: we’d had his early morning ‘songs’ at 6.30 then every half hour till 8am: he seems to take pride in accompanying the village church bells – but he didn’t cry or whimper – just stayed fast.

Now free to roam again, he’s hiding inside the middle of the house and didn’t even want to go out to eat – but forced himself as his tummy won over his fears! I know you’ve seen the photo (below), before but forgive me: just seems relevant today – and he’s got a whole lot taller now.

If you’d like to hear Barney sing with the church bells, email to me on and I’ll give you July and August availability.

Happy safe Sunday!kr