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28th September 2016

Barney’s balloon

It’s teatime on a beautiful September evening. Molly is snoozing and Barney T Rubble and I have just had a lovely walk up the hill near our home, where we’ve talked to the goats, chased a cat and checked the villas we look after which are nearby.

Home now and Barney has resumed his position: standing guard in the breakfast area, ready to ‘pounce’ on the birthday balloon I’ve left hanging on the vine. He hates this balloon with a passion – and  should it ‘come to ground’, it’s had it! Or maybe Barney will get a very big shock when it bursts!

Really funny watching him trying to ‘outstare’ the balloon – and watching Harry the cat, who sits on the wall near the vine and is trying to catch the balloon when the breeze takes it higher. For some reason, Barney is more interested in the balloon than he is in Harry – but that’s maybe coz he knows Harry can run fast!

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