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19th April 2018

Barney T Rubble and The Difficult Day!

Sunday, Sunday and it all started off well enough.

The church bells chimed and Barney sang to the 7am and 8am wake up call. Breakfast was served, with the treat of some fresh salmon which needed to be cooked and eaten – so Barney and his furry sister, Molly, were happy to help you.

The sun was in the heavens, so all of the doors and windows in the house were open, leaving two of Barney”s very favourite places, being ”kissed” in a light breeze- so Barney was able to chill his tummy on the cool tiles and relax in the gentle winds….

Then it happened!

Firstly, I DARED to get the vacuum out and , wherever Barney went, the vacuum went. Even a small daring growl at me, didn’t stop the vacuum doing it’s job – so Barney went outside to hide near the BBQ and, OMG, Mr Hose was let loose!

Now this big silly dog and very dangerous hosepipe, go back a long way – and they HATE each other: or so it seems to Barney who tries to escape the cascading water and to step over the wiggling ”frond” of pipe – but wherever Barney is, Mr Hosepipe seems to follow.

Still, all was not lost! I cooked a roast chicken dinner, for the four of us: two furries and two humans. With tummy replete, Barney and I headed out for a walk now the sun has gone down – and blow me, if Harry the Cat and his best friend, Blacknwhite, weren’t hiding in the bushes on the corner, waiting to pounce! Which they did then ran away quickly.

Despite his loud pleas to be let off the leash, I held Barney close and he has to skulk home, knowing that, today, the hill cat gang had ”one over on him”.

Not the best day ever!

Still, he’s happy to help me invite you to book villas with pools and apartment in great locations for your 2018 holiday. Email to me on and, while Barney sits in the huff, I’ll reply to you!


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