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22nd March 2016

Barney T Rubble and the birds!

Barney T Rubble loves to patrol the ‘grounds’ and to ensure, ‘all is well’ in our home and the garden. He takes his job very seriously but often sends his little sister, Molly, to be the , ‘forward party’ before he ventures into the more , ‘overgrown’ areas of the garden.

Scared of lizards, spiders and not at all keen on ants, Barney is a huge big baby, who is prone to hiding behind the tree or a sunbed is someone, ‘scary’ appears at the garden gate – and the list of scary extends to anyone who isn’t already , ‘on the territory’, so to speak!

At the front door, just behind The Thinking Step, is a very large yukka tree, in which are nesting some very lovely, tiny birds who love to chirrup and sing, from the time the sun begins to set till the night sets in. They also love torment Barney T Rubble: as he settles on the top of The Thinking Step, just after he’s had his dinner and walk, these cheeky little birdies, who’ve had a long day in ‘bird school’, come home to their feathered parents, have a worm or two then come out to , ‘play’ – which translates as coming out to torment the life out of our silly big puppy.

They dive bomb him; sing to him; fly around him and generally make him crazy. He tries in vain to catch them; watches them carefully, grumps a lot at them then gives up and rolls over, hoping in vain that they will tickle his tummy as he lies there in defeat! It’s great fun to watch!

Come and stay in a villa near him – or pop by to tickle his very large tummy! Email to for villas near Barney and Molly – with birds in abundance!

photo barneys tummy

Category: coral bay