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11th February 2013

Barney T Rubble!

Hello, my name is Barney T Rubble and I now live in Peyia with my people, Molly dog and Charlie Cat. You can call me Barney.

I’m 8 weeks old and I’m a Little S.O.D. – which is strange coz I thought I was an American Akita but my people call me the other name so that must be it.

I don’t care what they call me. I know my job is to make them BUSY and TEACH THEM THINGS. Already, I’ve shown them:
– put the lights on when you walk to the bathroom at night or you’ll stand in piddle and get your feet wet
– big toes hurt when you bite them
– its easy to pull washing off the line
– its fun to swing on stuff while Mummy person is ironing it
– I cough when I poo!
– I’ve got hiccups a lot – so they run my tummy and I like that…………

There is SO MUCH to do! I want to dig/run/chew Susie Floozys shorts; drink The Great Raymondodoulou’s beer – and catch Charlie cat.

I’ve only been here one night and I like it! I will keep teaching you the things I teach my people but I’ve got to go now coz I put my baby teeth into the big yellow water thing outside and dad person is shouting for me so I’m off to hide…………………..

Category: Cyprus Villas News