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1st March 2014

Barney, Bed and Ted…

One of the great things about having a holiday, whether renting one of our lovely villas or apartments in Coral Bay or Peyia or going ski-ing or sailing etc, is just getting away from routine ie having a rest from the ‘known’ and opening up to unknown possibilities…..

I love the feeling of not having to wear a watch, so time doesn’t matter: if you on hols, where do you need to be at a certain time? Chilling out – that’s where.

A holiday at home here in our house requires no clock BUT has a strict routine at the moment: Barney T Rubble ‘knows’ tummy-to-fill=o’clock and wakes one of us up at 7 ish to be fed. He then waits for his ‘bed and Ted’ to be brought downstairs from our bedroom, where they ALL sleep and then he curls up in the lounge for a morning snooze.

At night, just as we settle to watch a movie, Bed and Ted are dragged to the stairs coz Barney wants them up next to our bed coz he’s tired and ready to sleep the night away……….great fun!

Some routines, even enforced holiday ones, are worth it! (Though poor Ted looks a little worse for the adventures he’s having with Barney)!