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18th May 2019

Barney and Ted

Barney T Rubble has been very under the weather for a few months. From a horrible bout of , ‘dog flu’ to an allergy against some sort of cheeky little mite, he’s been in the wars.

Add to this that fact that he was born with a displaced hip and the poor beast can be forgiven for having  been a little down in the dumps….

I’ve been worried sick. Watching this precious big beastie try to find his happy again after this beautiful little sister, Molly, passed away, was very sad. Then to see our big teddy bear suffering, was just awful.

However, thanks to a wonderful vet, (Nikolas – you are the best) and a lot of time and patience from everyone, not least Barney, he is back to almost 100%. His coat is shiny, his tail is wagging, there is mischief in the air and lots of playtime. It’s great!

The only slight concern I have is that, when we go for our daily walks, Barney has to bring his ”best friend”, “Ted” with him. Ted has been Barney’s baby since Barney was a puppy and , when he is sad, Barney goes to get Ted and snuggles with him. I’m not sure now whether he’s taking Ted on walks with us to show Ted the hillside and to meet the feral cats, or if Barney is still feeling a little insecure and wants his pal. Either way, it’s funny to watch – though I’ve got to look out for Barney putting Ted down on the grass somewhere while he goes to sniff around.

Of course, one of Barney’s biggest fans is here: Debbie , who works at one of the main airports in the UK> She is staying near our home and we’re looking forward to her coming to our home to have a cuddle with Barney – and a chat with Ted, as I’m sure he’ll have to be in on the game!

Happy days!

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