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1st January 2010

Barking mad?

I was watching a documentary last night about a couple who care for wolves. It was fascinating: they use “howls” to eg comfort the animals and to help them feel secure…….

Got me thinking about Jake: he “sings” when he is happy – normally when we get up and he opens our bedroom door and sees us – and always when we come home at lunchtime or evenings. Its lovely to open the door and have this big hairy beast “sing” a welcome to us….

Tony thinks I’m crazy because I sing to Jake (and the other animals ) every day. They each have “their” own song – and if I sing it, no matter where they are, they come to find me in the house. I think its a loving gesture – my more straightforward husband, thinks I’m barmy!

I’m also teaching Molly, irish dancing. She’s fab and bounces about to the beat, wagging her tail and barking in time with the “music”……….am also trying to get her timing right, so she “contributes” the barks to “How much is that doggy in the window” (woof woof). All good fun.

Thinking about the documentary and how sounds comfort animals plus considering how clever my animals are, I got to thinking how this could all evolve into something for our holiday guests: years ago, Tony and I went to Borneo (to the Orangutan sanctuary) and the staff at the hotel, “sang” us onto our coach as we left. So, villa holiday makers beware: by the end of summer, Alfies “gang” could well be performing a little “safe journey home” ditty to you as you get into your taxis!……….

Suggestions for songs, most welcome!