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1st January 2010

Barking mad!

So a man in India has just married a dog in order to remove a curse which he feels has been put on him for killing a pair of dogs who were being “naughty” in his field………..Apparently, the wedding was a formal affair, with the bride dressed as any bride would be and her groom adorning her with flowers….. She looked “gruffurvely”!

Life is nothing but interesting!

I’ve had a long chat to our animal family and report the following:

– Molly: we cannot part with her for any reason, least of all marriage. There is no one dog loving enough for my little Molly Mou: she needs constant cuddles and belly tickles and, as some of us know, the penchant for ones partner undertaking this task, soon wears off.

– Alfie: very handsome, cool and quite sexy in his own doggy way: definite possibility if the right bitch comes along (though she’ll have to live here with her “mother in law” coz Alfie isn’t going anywhere).

-Jake: just need to sort out dowry: (of course we’re offering one! Call it the repair fund!).

– Charlie: could only consider an understanding feline who is totally confident in her skin coz Charlie is too pretty to be true and very egotistical. May not find a match!

– Tiff: Absolutely not! She’s a settled old, English totty spinster and will live her days away on the hill with us!

So, no real wedding bells in this house, it seems! Perhaps our “curse” was to live with them in the first place?!

With wishes to newly weds world wide! Particularly to men marrying dogs……

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