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1st May 2014

Barbeque spare ribs?

Preparing to go to the UK for my steph fathers funeral next week, I was sorting through some old photos of the wonderful times we shared here while he and Mum lived in Cyprus and I came across the photo below: He isn’t on the photo but my baby sister, niece and nephew are – pictured in Fat Mamas restaurant in Kato Paphos, which was one of Jim, my step fathers, favourite places!

A mix of TGI Fridays and a ‘special kind of theatrical magic’, added by Kathy, the owner, this wonderful restaurant is such good fun that holiday makers queue to get in , to be part of the night. The food is hearty, fresh and in abundance – and the entertainment is great! Every diners birthday is celebrated by the gorgeous staff dancing and singing to them; placing an ‘appropriate’ birthday hat on the birthday girl or boys head then the whole restaurant sings. Wedding anniversaries and important occasions are met with the same shared enthusiasm – so everyone feels extra special.

Not content with that as added value, Kathy recruits young, fit staff who she teaches to sing, dance and perform so there is a show for the diners at around 9pm each evening. Add the ‘characters” of the restaurant, Fat Mama and her beau, Wicked Willy (!) who also has his own ‘cowboy style’ part of the restaurant and there is something for everyone.

Jim, my stepfather, loved Fat Mamas. From aged 78 years old through to 84 years old , when he lived here, we all had to go so he could be ‘cuddled’ and ‘fussed’ by Kathy, get to wear a birthday hat even when it wasn’t his birthday and THEN get the largest side of ribs as a starter, that you could possibly ever imagine, Fat Mamas was one of his favourite places in the world

Please come and try Fat Mamas magic for yourself. Email to me on and I’ll tell you whats on the villa menu too!photo fat mama restaurant