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1st April 2021

Bank Holiday Guests

It’s Bank Holiday here in Cyprus and, as happens on Bank Holidays, it’s raining!

Not just raining – it’s absolutely , wonderfully and magnificently, pouring down!

Villas that would normally be filled with guests – who’d be at best a little disappointed in the weather and, at worse, FURIOUS with the fact there is no sunshine – are wrapped up against the elements, sleeping peacefully until the influx of tourism can happen again.

Our own home is peaceful – apart from Kitten, who has just turned up  three hours after breakfast is normally served to the Hilltop Gang and is now demanding food and Bowtie cat, who appeared a few days ago and seems to be considering moving in. (His coat looks like a dinner jacket, with a bowtie at the neck: he is very smart!).

I’ve had words with Kitten. It’s no good just turning up as and when and screaming for attention. I get enough of that with my husband! Kitten has been reminded of feeding times and, yes, of course I fed him but he needs to eat with the gang and not treat this house like a hotel! (Again, there is enough of that with my husband LOL).

Bowtie hasn’t joined either of the morning ”sittings” but is watching closely – and being watched even more closely by Barney T Rubble, who is on patrol at the front of the house. He’s very welcome to eat here though so I’ve bought him his very own bowl too . That said, none of them care about bowls: I might as well throw the food on the ground in a heap and let them fight their way through. The neatness of the bowls appeals only to me, it seems.

We’ve no visitors today at home. Normally, this time of year would see us have one or two members of the family or friends, staying with us and enjoying Springtime walks and gorgeous local food. I miss seeing loved ones though I must admit to loving the peace – or is it simply that I love being able to stay in PJs for longer than I should? (Don’t worry: am dressed appropriately to blog!).

Anyway, April is here. The rains won’t stay long and friends will reunite again soon. Am simply grateful to be alive and enjoying quiet moments – until Kitten starts screaming again!

Have a lovely day. Happy April and stay safe.